Do you have a product that you would like me to review? If you do then you can contact me via the form below. However before doing so please note the following:

  • A 5 Star review is not a gurantee. I am fairly easiy pleased but I am honest in my reviews.
  • Reviews are published on the sites that the item is made available by you. I mainly review on but wil review on other sites if you wish.
  • Reviews may be published on and Youtube.
  • Where products are reviewed other than on or a link back to those sites will appear.
  • There is no charge for reviews.
  • A product can be sent to me directly or a 100% discount voucher for the site ot your choice can be given. 

If you would like to benefit from a product review then simply complete the fom below and send me the product directly. Alternatively you can send me a 100% discount code for the product.

Please remember that my reviews are based on Honesty, you are not guranteed a positive review. 


Chris Glasspool

Chris is a self confessed geek and gadget lover with an aim to get into the top 10 of internet reviewers in the UK, if not the world. By day Chris works full time and by evening/night he films product reviews which he publishes on Youtube, Vimeo, Amazon and You can find him on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.