Amazon review troubles

Late last year Amazon changed its community guidelines and started to clamp down on 'fake' reviews, those that were perhaps paid for by sellers or incentivized in some way.

I had started to make progress with Amazon UK and reviewing products to the point that I was hovering near to the 1000 reviewer rating and that infamous top 1000 reviewer badge. This was something I enjoyed doing and was doing this with products that I had purchased for use myself. One such review was on the Betron KBS08 Bluetooth Speaker. This is a really popular speaker and I was lucky enough to get the video review I had done to the top reviewer space on this product detail page. This was great, it attracted about 150 helpful 'likes' to the review and kept my reviewer rating around the 1000 mark. 

Today I logged in to my profile on Amazon to discover my reviewer rating had jumped to around t

Chris Glasspool

Chris is a self confessed geek and gadget lover with an aim to get into the top 10 of internet reviewers in the UK, if not the world. By day Chris works full time and by evening/night he films product reviews which he publishes on Youtube, Vimeo, Amazon and Electro-review.com. You can find him on Google+, Facebook and Twitter.